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Why Businesses Should Make Use of Small Self-Storage Units for Files

We think that all businesses should consider looking into the benefits of using small self-storage units for keeping files and other items safe and out of your way. In the Athlone area there are many offices that are overflowing with files. When you pay for storing files in work or office space it impedes on valuable work or office space. This affects your work rate; impacts on your image to your customer; which impacts on your company’s growth; this is costing you money and preventing you from growing. At Athlone City Storage we are here to give you space.

We’ve collated some of the top benefits of using a storage facility as opposed to keeping files in your property, and we think you will come around to our idea after reading some of these.

Read on to find out more about the top benefits of using small self-storage units as a small business.

Small Self-Storage Units are Ultimately More Secure

One of the main benefits of using Athlone City Storage is that we are more secure than a property or office space. Our Storage facilities are monitored 24/7 by CCTV and staff.  If you don’t have the budget to install CCTV or hire security for your small business’ property, then your assets will ultimately be more secure in Athlone City Storage.

Keep Most Important Documents Out of Office

Using Athlone City Storage will also ensure that your most important documents can be kept outside of the office. Sensitive and confidential documents should be kept well away from general staff and clients in the off chance that something is leaked, particularly if you are dealing with personal and sensitive details.

Control Over Who Can Access Your Unit

Leading on from our previous point, by removing your documents or assets from your property, you have absolute control over who can access them. In an office or small business space, doors and drawers are often left unlocked while staff are in the building. This can lead to things being lost, misplaced or stolen. With small self-storage units, you can control exactly who gets to the assets, whether it is one sole key holder or approved key holders.

No, or Low Risk of Fire and Smoke Damage

Due to the nature of their business, Athlone City Storage have fire and smoke detection facilities to ensure your documents and assets are kept safe. Offices and other properties will not have systems which are as effective, and also will not be monitored 24/7, so by not putting your items into self-storage, they will be at a higher risk of damage from smoke or fire.

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