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Moving in a hurry…

Athlone City Storage is a storage company that arranges for collections of items for, stores, and returns your goods when you need it. Welcome to our Blog, where we share modern solutions to age-old storage problems. Explore practical advice, moving tips, and candid personal stories. 

Disclaimer: moving is not always pretty. In a perfect world, every box would be accurately labelled and filled to the brim with light-weight items, folded and sorted for a seamless unpack. Here’s how you can efficiently get all of your stuff out of your place in one day.

Obtain Essential Packing Supplies

  1. Boxes
  2. Box cutter
  3. Tape
  4. Stretch wrap/shrink wrap
  5. Labels
  6. Permanent marker
  7. Packing paper
  8. Bubble wrap
  9. Pen and paper

10. Scissors

11. Sealable bags

12. Large clear bin bags

Pack Boxes Strategically

Take an inventory of each item that is packed away.

As you pack each moving box, keep a list of what you are placing in it. DO NOT ASSUME YOU WILL REMEMBER.

Pack Your Necessities Separately

Don’t dig for your toothbrush. Set aside a small bag of necessities like a pair of pyjamas, toiletries, toilet paper, shampoo, and other must-have items. Avoid scavenging through taped up boxes the next morning.

Move Room-by-Room

The kitchen can be a daunting room to pack. Start in the kitchen in the AM when you have the most energy and begin packing away bulky items. Throw pots and pans into a box and label the room, followed by the contents: “Kitchen: Cookware Sets”. Pack smaller items like cutlery in a bag and into a larger box. Place the boxes in the centre of the room when you’re all finished. Move on to the bedroom and so on.

Leave Clothing on Hangers

Don’t waste time individually folding your clothes. You have 24 hours! Pack clothing in large clear bin bags and keep hanging items on their designated hangers for an easy un-pack. 

Fill Bags and Suitcases

Use the valuable empty space inside duffel bags and suitcases to pack away additional items. You can use a Storley (suitcase-on-wheels) to safely store heavy or fragile items swaddled in bubble wrap or paper. Clothes are safe and sound in garbage bags; use travel bags for smaller items 


The purge is the necessary donating and discarding of items that you don’t want to take with you.
Don’t invest too much time deciding whether to take or trash an item. Create two piles—the donation and waste pile—and take everything you’re unsure about with you. You can repeat the process when you begin unpacking at the new place. Reich recognizes the value of purging; “If you can downsize as you relocate, your new home will have that much more space and organization!”

Keep Valuables Close-by

Don’t toss your passport into the bottom of an unmarked box. Gather valuables like money, passports, important documents, jewellery, and other prized possessions and keep them on your person in a clearly distinguishable folder.

Text Friends and Promise Pizza

You may not be able to do this on your own. Text a few friends in the area and lead with the promise of pizza. You can also grant each friend an IOU, but warning, you can expect a call or two requesting that you return the favour.

Find a Large Van

Your hatchback is not going to cut it. With your life all packed up, you’re going to need a big vehicle to accommodate. Arrange a truck rental service as soon as possible to take you and all of your stuff from point A to point B. Always book a few hours longer than you anticipate needing. Unpacking and returning the vehicle could take longer than planned.

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