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How to Pack a Self-Storage Unit

The average person might think that loading a self-storage unit might think it simply involves stacking items from the back out and rolling down the door. To get the most out of your unit please read a few tips and tricks before packing a unit.

Tips & Tricks


As simple as it sounds, a little planning can save a lot of future headaches. Put the most frequently used items near the front of your storage unit for your own convenience. This will allow you to quickly access the items you need without shuffling through to the back corner of your storage unit.

Pro Tip: Remember to label boxes and keep a list of items and where they are located saving you time and stress.


You can bring metal shelving to help organize your storage unit and help to make the most of the less-used vertical space. If you try to stack too many boxes on top of each other, the bottom ones will crumple under the weight. Shelving allows you to stack boxes safely and take advantage of the height of your storage unit. We can also supply shelving at a small fee.

Pro Tip: If you are unable to install shelving, pack dresser drawers with smaller items and consider putting a box or two inside a wardrobe, oven, fridge, or washer/dryer.


Storing your possessions along the outer walls first will be a huge benefit to you when you find your storage unit filling up. Leave an aisle between a row of items so you’ll still be able to access everything. The last thing you want is to have to rummage through a full storage unit to find a box hidden in the back somewhere!

Pro Tip: Don’t overfill the unit.  Ask us for another. We will be glad to help.


If you plan to store any large furniture, such as couches, dressers, or even bed frames, ensure those items are using primarily vertical space. Standing bulky items on end helps maximize less-used vertical space and allows you to fit more inside your self-storage unit.

Pro Tip: When maximizing vertical space, remember to place large, heavy items on the ground and place lighter boxes on top to prevent crushing the box’s contents.


How you store furniture can make or break your space. Properly wrapping your furniture is the first step: use plastic coverings and cover wooden furniture to keep items clean and dust-free. After your furniture is properly covered, you may be able to stack some low-weight items on top of your furniture to help use vertical space.

Your Unit Is Packed!

These quick, effective tips for how to pack a storage unit will help you fit more items, saving you time and money. And you’ll enjoy the space freed up in your home or office.  Check out our self-storage guide to find a unit that meets your need.

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