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Why does it help to declutter? Is it to tidy your space out of wanting people to judge you less? Is it in order to find a trinket or item you lost? Is it guilt that makes you organize your home, apartment, workplace? We should not get lost in others opinions about oneself and instead choose to bring order to our environment because it is good for us.

 A cluttered place is a cluttered mind. 

Over time various items become jumbled together like, decorations, summer wear and general house hold items not in use take up a lot of space.

Modern life has resulted in too much clutter. Many people have Christmas decorations in spare rooms, ski equipment in attics, bicycles in sheds. We shouldn’t let this amount of non-essential items take up space in our lives. A modern solution to getting order in a person’s life is to follow some key steps: give away old clothes to charity shops; recycle that old computer or television; if its broken and can’t be fixed then its time is up; if it still has value but you don’t need it, sell it. However, if you know that your items will definitely be needed either next year or the coming holidays you can store it.

At Athlone City Storage we have a simple service with many different customers. We provide storage of files for businesses. We are a start-up workplace for new businesses. We are a backup stockroom for companies. We help people move house by allowing them store their goods before the big day. You get your items ready. You call us. We arrange collection and return of all your possessions. We store them in a secure unit, which only you have access to. 

Our storage units come in various sizes to meet your requirements. 

We were in the storage and distribution of Wholesale Grocery for over 60 years in Arcadia.

We were also providing Warehousing for various Companies in Moydrum Business Park in Athlone. 

Over the years we have built a reputation of providing a good service in a secure location and been able to adapt to our customer’s needs.

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